The world we have created is a product of our way of thinking. Albert Einstein


Nothing is in isolation. 

Everything is connected.

We have all witnessed great leadership which can inspire us to make our own commitment to develop similar qualities. Barack Obama, the US President, for example, is one leader who is quite clear in his communications that the buck stops with him. No blame. No shame. Inspire the best from people.

What I have noticed in working with leaders in business and education is that in so many cases, learning how to lead happens on the job. Your leadership presence and how you respond to the raft of implicit and explicit expectations are an expression of you as a person and a leader. Who you are, within yourself, is pivotal to how you demonstrate your leadership and the ripples you create in your organization.  

Recalibrating your internal climate and being responsive, decisive, insightful, mindful and successful is a synergistic process which requires an attentiveness and willingness to adapt and change limiting beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.  This applies as much to teams as to individuals.

According to the research of Jim Collins, at the heart of great leadership is authenticity and humility. 9performancepi® leadership is for the aspiring leaders and the experienced leaders through bespoke programmes. When you are ready to be the difference that makes the difference, please contact