We do not describe the world that we see; we see the world we describe.
Joseph Jaworksi

Well-being at Work

9performancepi® can be used by individuals and teams to stimulate conversations, find common purpose, and create the best outcomes for the wider community. How healthy is your organization?

Government initiatives promoting well-being at work is a move from deficit thinking (stress at work) to a generative mind-set. Where we place our attention is what we create - in Appreciative Inquiry this is referred to as 'heliotropic' intention - if we look toward the sun, we expand and grow.

Stress at work is often seen as an individual problem, rather than a manifestation of the organization. Instead, the focus on well-being is an initiative that engages everyone (from the board room to the shop floor) in creating a workplace that transforms performance. Exploring and designing your unique map of 9performancepi® your business can become aligned to the key elements while being responsive to the emergent fluctuations in the organization and teams, as well as being a touchstone for individuals.

To discuss how we can best support you in moving forward with your plans for enhancing well-being at work please contact us.

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